Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport Rental

Starting from €500* per day with pickup at the Headquarters

*The price displayed includes VAT on a single day during the week with pick-up and drop-off on site during office hours, prices may be subject to change depending on rental duration, delivery and pick-up outside office hours, delivery service, public holidays and seasonality.

Car Hire Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport

Car Rental Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport
Car Rental Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport, Luxury SUV Rental Audi, the Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport is a new generation SUV that combines the comfort of the new Audi range with a futuristic lineup typical of the house of the four rings. Equipped with its special 381hp 6-cylinder V-cylinder engine, the Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport allows you to travel long distances comfortably while guaranteeing remarkable performance, as its engine generates a maximum torque of 500Nm for enviable power and a top speed of 250Km/h, driving pleasure and safety are ensured thanks to its all-wheel drive and fast automatic transmission that goes up to 8 gears. Renting the Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport will give you the feeling of traveling in a large, imposing and dominant SUV on the road that reflects a high-end presence with a cabin with space and elegant lines. Rent your Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport from STZauto for your dream weekend getaway, vacation or business meeting. To rent Audi Q8 55 TFSIe Sport fill out the availability request forum to receive information and quotes within 24 hours of your request.
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